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We are Motto Business Consulting. Specialists in the science of Organisational Development and passionate enthusiasts of co-creating organisational health for our clients.

We understand that Organisational Development is a working unit together in the pursuit of change resulting in improvement and transformation over time and that this is the means behind the end of attaining Organisational Excellence.

Our surveys have been designed following significant research highlighting the importance of aligning an organisation’s capabilities - we use a scientifically developed 3 step approach to identify and design our clients Organisational Development interventions to ensure MOTTO results, every time.


The most comprehensive online survey platform of choice for HR Consultants and Human Resource Managers.

Transform your organisation by employing our leading edge surveys with the help of our motto business consulting services or use the surveys directly.

Self-Perception Tool

The Motto Self-Perception Tool is a mindset measurement tool. It determines a person’s self-awareness, but also identifies specific development areas. This self assessment can form the start of a personal transformation journey and contribute to meaningful life change experiences.

Staff Engagement Tool

The Motto Staff Engagement Tool is a validated staff perception measurement tool. When organisations go through change or need to implement business strategies it is critical to know how staff see the climate, culture and their role in it. This survey gives guidance to development and training needs.

Leadership Tool

The Motto Leadership Tool is a 360° survey which assesses the higher levels of Leadership currency within an organisation. The subsequent development processes are designed to develop higher-order leadership, in order to grow a business to the next level of organisational health.

Gender Perception Tool

The Motto Gender Perception Tool enables organisations to identify personal and group gender challenges for all staff and then to create a culture and work environment that ensures they hire well, keep key female talent and empower men to assist in changing the culture to be more inclusive.


Motto’s primary objective is to ensure that organisational strategies are bought into by all staff, and that they are equipped to realize this vision. Motto’s business is to make use of an authentic model and subsequent processes that ensure operative results.

The Motto method is to determine the internal culture and climate of the organisation, to what extent staff is engaged as well as their current mindset. We then guide the holistic Internal Marketing Strategy uncovered in our tests. The implementation of this organisation development strategy can take place in the form of creative and informative workshops, training, and coaching.


Motto is your survey platform of choice for HR and Change Management consultants to provide a fresh perspective and reliable, trustworthy results that are proven to save money and increase productivity.

Our surveys will generate insights which will prioritize issues within your client organisation, as well as administer the change process to save you time and reduce your admin. What’s more, we act as the “bad guy” in the situation – clearing the air, providing a better work environment for everyone.

Motto will provide a fresh perspective with proven, tested surveys designed to increase productivity, prioritize your client organisations issues and provide ROI through transformation. Leaving the right people in the right places.


* Proven Over 10 Years
* Clear, Defined Direction
* Prioritizes Low Engagement Areas
* Targeted Surveys
* Cloud Hosted
* Proudly South African With Access To Local Data
* Secure
* Mobile Friendly Access
* Calculates Coping Levels & Change Readiness


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