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Kensway - Smart Choice Parenting is based in Linden, Randburg, Gauteng. Smart Choice Parenting Workshops, The educative adult-child relationship in guiding the child to adulthood.


While undertaking research for his Doctorate, Dr. Resnick observed that virtually all the evidence-based and well researched parenting programmes such as the Triple P are based on Cognitive Behavioural Principles and Social Learning theory. In other words the aim of their program is to help parents deal with their child’s behavior. Many professionals are taught that childhood disorders have nothing to do with the quality of parenting that the child receives. In fact, from Dr. Resnick’s experience with the SCPP, parenting has everything to do with the manisfestation of all childhood disorders. This is what makes SCPP so different and effective. Another huge advantage is that it consists of only one general session and a follow-up session with the family when teenagers are involved or children with extreme behavior disorders such as Attentiion Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Encopresis (soiling), enuresis (bed-wetting), school refusal and Selected Mutism amongst others. Dr. Resnick mediated this session.



‘SmartKidz’ geared at parents with children up to the age of 11. The SmartKidz workshop consists of one 4 hour session. During the first half of the session parents are given an insight and understanding regarding their role as the primary adult educator in the healthy development of the child. The second half of the session provides parents with the tools which will equip them to ensure that maintain their position as the main authority figure (not to be confused with authoritarian) in their child’s life. Parents implement the structures that they have learned and positive change should take place within a very short space of time. Although not compulsory a second reinforcement session is recommended for parents who are experiencing difficulties in consistently ensuring that the structures of the programme remain intact and where issues that parents may still be struggling with are ironed out. Post workshop parents are encouraged to call Dr. Resnick via Skype or phone if they experience difficulties in implementing SCP. These calls are free for the first 5 minutes. The 2nd session is a feedback session where the mind-set is reinforced.

Smart Teenz

‘SmartTeenz’ is for parents with teenage children. When communication breaks down between parents and their teen, a consequence is a breakdown in trust and respect. Parents need to understand that in order ensure that their teen will attend a family session, the teen must be prepared to cooperate rather than be forced to attend the session. Dr. Resnick has had many years experience in dealing with teens and is also the step-parent of twin teenagers who he has co-parented with their mother since they were 3 years old using the SCP structures. This has ensured that they have been raised equipped with the skills to take on the challenges that life presents.  The ‘SmartTeenz’ programme includes an extra session which includes the teens and other children with their parents. This takes place one or two days after the first session. During this session, rules are negotiated and agreed to by the teenagers and includes all aspects of their lives, from going out, pocket money, schoolwork, cell phones etc. A 3rd session is recommended not less than 2 weeks after the family session. This is a reinforcement and interactive feedback session and includes the teenagers and other  pre-teen children in the family.


Marriage Counselling

With the stresses of this day and age, many marriages take a huge amount of strain. In order for marriages to work well, both parties need to work at it. The most common scenario that I’ve observed when cracks start appearing in the marriage is that mothers tend to over-involve themselves with their kids and then deal with these cracks by nagging and becoming more and more demanding of attention from their spouses.

Subject Choice Assessments

A vital year for learners in South Africa is Grade 9 because, by the end of August, they must choose the seven subjects they will study until they matriculate. Some learners have never made a big decision in their lives and are therefore confused as to what subject combination would best suit them. Subject choice assessments will help make this process simpler and the SmartChoiceParenting™ staff is eager to assist in this regard.

Career Counselling

Arguably the two biggest decisions that we have to make in our lives are; who we marry and what career do we choose. Often we are totally unprepared and ignorant as to the consequences of these decisions. Many career assessments tend to pull a string of careers out of a hat without taking into consideration the complexity of the client’s personality.


Dr. Ken Resnick, Educational Psychologist and Founder of the SmartchoiceParenting Programme (SCPP), established in 2008. The principles of the SCPP are based on an educative adult-child relationship where the parent is the primary educator in guiding their child to adulthood while equipping both the adult and child with the skills needed in order for them to adequately succeed and flourish in their respective worlds.

It differs from all other researched and evidence-based parenting programmes which are aimed at assisting the parent in managing the child’s behaviour. The SCPP imparts knowledge and understanding to those who use it, explaining that it is the manner in which the child is parented that is at the core of virtually all developmental problems including learning disabilities and overall behaviour.

As an Educational psychologist at a co-educational school, Dr. Resnick has assessed over several hundred learners of varying ages, over a period of 30 years. Over the years Dr. Resnick has observed that learners often exhibited the following: low motivation, lack of perseverance, a tendency to opt out, a fear of failure and a lack of will in accepting a challenge.



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