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We do Roof Insulation & Ceiling Insulation In Centurion, Midstream, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Eastrand & Surrounding Areas.

We specialize in the supply and installation of high quality premium roof insulation and ceiling insulation. We also supply and install SABS approved geyser blankets.

Unlike cheaper variations, our products offer superior quality and durability. Our products and workmanship adds value and will reduce your utility expenses whilst increasing comfort levels within your home.

We’ve been in business for 13 years. We strive for service excellence and our aim is to offer our customers exceptional long term value.

We pride ourselves in leaving behind happy and satisfied customers. It’s not only good enough that you get a good product and service from us today, but that the value we bring lasts you for years to come.


Insulation can save up to 30% on your heating expenses in winter while maintaining the comfort levels in your home!

Heat moves from warmer to cooler areas. On cold winter days, warm air escapes from your home through the roof. On warm summer days, the air in your roof is heated by the sun, and this heats up your house.

Roof Insulation slows this process of transfer down.​

Insulation In Winter

​The heat in your home escapes through the roof in the cold winter months. Roof or Ceiling Insulation keeps the heat in the house where it is needed, thereby saving you up to 30% on your heating expenses.

Insulation In Summer

​Roof or Ceiling Insulation can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 7°C during the warm summer months.

This will save you on cooling costs whilst maintaining the level of comfort your family enjoys

Using Roof and Ceiling insulation as a natural method of controlling temperature reduces your energy bills and puts less strain on the environment.

Your pocket is happy and so is our planet.


Fabufill Insulation
Geyser Insulation
Pool and Jacuzzi Solar Blanket


Roof and Ceiling Insulation with a Difference

At Insulation Specialist, we are confident in our products and proud of the service we provide. We’re motivated to do every installation to the best of our ability.

We are different because:

* We have been in the roof insulation business for 13 years, this includes owners and staff.
* We work on-site along with our staff ensuring high quality workmanship and continuous supervision.
* We believe that it is important to be punctual.
* A pre installation tick sheet is prepared before we start working on your premises. The same tick sheet is marked off when the work is complete.
* We are acutely aware that we have to be careful when working in and around your home. We therefore take care when carrying in and working with our equipment.
* We ensure that we clean up when the installation is complete.
* We pride ourselves in providing a high standard after-sale service. Our clients can contact us if there is any problem whatsoever, we will gladly address concerns and problems as fast as we can.
* We are willing to work on Saturdays and Public Holidays.
* Our products are very well priced.
* Wherever possible, we will provide a quotation on the same day.
* We aim to do your installation within a few days if possible.
* Our installations are not done in instalments. An installation is focused on until it is complete.
* Pipes are insulated for FREE when installing roof insulation.
* Upon completing the installation, the client is encouraged to inspect the end product. It is extremely important that our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Our aim is to make a difference in our client’s lives by saving them money in a time when utility costs are at an all-time high.


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