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Happy Beat based in Johannesburg is a music and movement programme with many added educational aspects which encourage the overall development of children.

Children are taught in a creative, fun way that helps them to absorb and retain what is learnt in class. The skills that children learn, develop them as a whole. Physically, children develop flexibility, muscle strength, balance and body awareness. Mentally, integrating both sides of the brain for focused learning and emotionally building children's self confidence and self awareness. They are encouraged to be individuals and are given a voice and an opportunity to express themselves. It is equally important for children to participate socially in activities and learn to work together as a group. We provide a wonderful platform for your child to grow and learn in every way.


Many studies have shown great benefits for babies when they are exposed to music, Accelerating the brains development particularly in areas such as language development and reading skills. Learning to play instruments helps develop numerical and problem solving abilities. Academic success is not where it ends. Music has the ability to access all parts of the brain allowing for all areas of the child to be developed. Emotionally for babies it is soothing and relaxing, allowing them to grow and develop in a safe nurturing environment building their confidence.

Baby Classes

Happy Beat is an enriching musical experience for babies which is so beneficial for their overall development. 

1 Year PLUS

Physically, children develop  flexibility, muscle strength, balance, body awareness and integrating both sides of the brain mentally. 

Dance Parties

Guided djembe drumming - learning to play simple rhythms with the group and creating their own music.

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Enrol your child toady and start seeing the benefits of Happy Beat learning.


Our Happy Beat studio classes are designed for parents who would love their children to do Happy Beat outside of school or if your child doesn’t attend any of the schools we teach Happy Beat in.

We would love for you to come and join us! Please contact us for more information on where our Happy Beat Studio is and what time the classes are.


Our Story

Happy beat is a culmination of our passion, joy, experience and love of children and music. We would love to take you on a journey of how Happy Beat started and to where we are now. Catherine has always had a love of music and has expressed that through her journey in teaching children, she has taught various music and movement programmes alongside a music career involving a background in classical and jazz piano training as well as performing professionally as a percussionist. In 2012 Catherine drew form her passion and experience and created Happy Beat. Soon after Catherine branched out on her own she partnered up with Nicola and together they spent many hours creating a beautiful curriculum and still today continue to grow it. Nicola has always found joy and love in working with children and has many years of experience teaching and caring for children. Nicola has a degree in psychology which has infused into creating our curriculum and gaining a greater understanding of children and the impact of music and movement in their world. We’ve been around for many years but for us it’s just the beginning, let the music begin!


Catherine - 082 298 1564
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Nicola - 067 833 7683
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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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