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30 August 2019
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Friday 30th August | Book in from 2pm | Retreat starts at 5pm to 9pm to 4pm Sunday 1st September 2019


22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts, KZN
COST R3100 including starter kits (excluding accommodation)
Email: Deborah or Hazel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Landline: +27-31-764 0959 or Mobile: +27 83 775 1735

In 2018 we spoke of Gut Health. In 2019, we are actioning our knowledge on gut health. The key to health and vitality for ourselves and that of our family lies in the traditional ways of past generations. Their understanding of how we co-habit with our environment is what assists in supporting a healthy existence. How we harness the vitality of our foods through preserving them in traditional ways are just some of the practices we can bring into our daily food planning.
The weekend encourages you to understand the follow-through of the fermentation practices. By preparing your own ferments and being interactive through the processes, you will experience greater confidence in your ability to bring these traditional ways into your kitchen.
Traditional Fermentation conjures up images of bubbling cauldrons and strange smells emanating beneath apparent sealed lids. Why would anyone be inclined to partake in a tiny morsel, let alone a glass and a half? Traditional cultures would share their enthusiasm of these delicacies in all the reasons why one would with certainty include them in their daily food rituals. Let’s blow the lid off all these myths and get chopping, brewing and seasoning in an advanced course in learning the art of fermentation.

Deborah’s passion is to encourage you to make your own living cultured foods in your home, bringing the diversity and benefits into your kitchen and onto your plate. She does this by providing you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make your own healthy fermented foods and drinks! This workshop is informative, practical, and fun. Discover how simple the ancient art and science of fermentation actually is and how you can integrate fermented foods into your daily life.

The workshop will cover:
- Benefits of fermenting food; why include these foods and beverages in your diet
- Your microbiome, the earth’s microbiome; understanding why our healing lies in our connection to nature.
- The history and cultural aspects of fermentation.
- The benefits of lacto-fermentation: taste, health & preservation.
- The “rules” of fermentation.
- Step-by-step fermentation of sauerkraut, sourdough bread, kombucha, kefir dairy, kefir water, fermented nut cheese, beet kvass & condiments.
- Common mistakes – how to prevent them and how to fix them.
- Facts about fermentation.
- How to include these foods and beverages in your diet.

What Do You receive for your investment?

Full Manual with instructions and abundant proved and tested recipes
Kefir Starter Kit with jars
Kombucha Starter Kit with jars
Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Starter
4 x Vegetable ferments
1 x Condiment
All Meals (plant-based) and Beverages

Daily Schedule

Friday at 5pm – 9pm
Introduction to Fermentation
Kefir Sourdough bread – phase 1 of fermentation
Rejuvelac phase 2

Saturday 9am – 5pm
Kefir Sourdough bread – Phase 2
Kombucha/ Kombucha Vinegars / Kombucha versatility and uses.
Kefir Dairy/ Kefir cheese/ Kefir versatility and uses / The healing benefits of Kefir.
Condiments/ Make your own healthy mustard spread.
Preparation for nut and seed cheese.
Baking your bread.
Includes 2 teas and lunch

Sunday 9am – 4pm

Making nut and seed cheese.
Fermented Vegetable juices.
Fermented Vegetables – make your sauerkraut.
Includes tea and a fermented snack.
All meals are plant-based.


Additional Points
Maximum of 10 places
To stay in the Yoga Studio Accommodation or Queen Room, please contact Deborah on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

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