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Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapy: The Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique (LRRH). Debbie Howes - Clinical Psychologist is based in Mondeor, Gauteng.

Narrative Hypnotherapeutic Technique: The LRRH Reconditioning Technique

The LRRH Reconditioning Technique serves to outline, discover and reprocess the unconscious roots of an individual or 'program' that defines how the individual perceives and experiences the outer reality. The unique technique helps to access, identify and reprocess the unconscious addictive, abusive and sabotage programs or belief systems and repetitive emotional patterns which lead to betrayal, disappointment and the constant challenges and conflicts which surface in daily life. These belief systems and patterns lead to self-destruct tendencies where anger becomes disruptive and volatile.

The Logic Of The Unconscious Mind Is Similar To That Of A Child

The technique includes a projective drawing and story telling technique of the well-known children's story Little Red Riding Hood.' Each person will tell a different story which will correspondingly indicate how they are managing and perceiving their reality, i.e. their 'program'. By addressing and re-processing the story, the corresponding life changes result

The balance of the Mother, Father and Child within may emerge, where the inner child may achieve new heights through play, fun and ecstasy

The technique has profound and lasting results, which occur in a relatively short period of time, depending on each person's rate of processing and integration. The process is preventative as well as curative.

The LRRH Reconditioning Technique ®

little-red-riding-hood Tranparent imageThe therapy process addresses the dynamics of the unconscious mind as opposed to dealing with the conscious, intellectual, rational aspects of the individual. It is similar to cutting off the roots of a weed as opposed to symptomatically cutting off the flowers.By telling a children’s story while in a slight trance, or using EMDR, each person will tell a different story.

The story of LRRH holds the dynamics of the unconscious mind and illustrates the interplay of the balance of the male and female, truth vs illusion as well as the journey of the inner child.By reprocessing the story of each individual, the corresponding reality will change accordingly. The results are profound in that many addictive cycles and sabotaging programs may finally be cleared and many answers to questions and psychological dilemmas are provided.

Applications / Areas of practice of the technique include:

Children, Adults, Groups, Families, Corporate and Constellations.



LRRH Reconditioning Technique Module 1 ( own therapy process) Module 2 ( Therapeutic training ) Trilogy of change ( experiential balancing of the mother father and child) LRRH Constellations process.


Monthly meditation and healing workshops incorporating movement, sound, breathing, silence, visualisations and healing techniques. Rejuvenating and relaxing.

Clinical Psychology

Debbie Howes specialises in an hypnotherapeutic modality to desensitize and reprocess unconscious belief systems and emotional patterns, EMDR. Training programs.


Debbie Howes is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. She qualified with the Masters degree in 1986 from Potchefstroom University. She completed her thesis on a movement and body therapy relative to self-concept, depression and anxiety.

Debbie furthered her studies in Eriksonian, Ego- State hypnotherapy, Medical hypnoanalysis as well as EMDR and EMI. Debbie is the author of : "Little Red Hiding Hood revised: A hypnotherapeutic Analysis, Interpretation and Application", and 'Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique, Practical Therapeutic Handbook", as well as a deck of cards.

The technique incorporates a protective story telling as well as projective drawing technique. She has presented talks and seminars at both international and national congresses and appears as a guest on SABC2 House call: Dr Victor, and ANN7 live news broadcast.

She has been working with the technique for 20 years and currently teaches CPD workshops, as well as running a practice in the south of Johannesburg. Debbie has worked in conjunction with the trauma clinic in Cape Town and the Headache Clinic.

Debbie was also a professional dancer and has a keen interest in complementary healing modalities.


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221 Columbine Avenue, Mondeor 2091, Gauteng, South Africa

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