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As a Life Coach based in Randburg, I help you change your life from Ordinary to Extraordinary! I assist you to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.



An exciting 8-week journey of self-discovery, healing & transformation.

How do we Heal through the Chakras?

For any healing to be effective, we should be always be cognisant of the mind –  body connection. The Chakra system originated in India, more than four thousand years ago. One of the essential values of the Chakra System of energy is that it maps onto both body and mind. When we know how to harness this energy, we can bring about amazing healing through the Chakras.

Too often, during periods of uncertainty, stress, difficulties, ill health and emotional distress, we look outward to other people , toxic chemicals and  “crutches” in search of an answer to a way out of our present predicament. Sadly, these outward solutions are prone to fail and disappoint us even further. They may fleetingly seem to help, only for us to find ourselves a few weeks or months later in the same old state of stress.

We are all made up of a physical body and an energetic body. When we learn how to work with the energy body and access the body’s own innate healing powers,  profound and lasting physical and emotional change can take place – healing through the Chakras.

Why should I sign up for this Course?

You know this “Healing through the Chakras” course is for you if you long to/for:

* More balance in your life

* Clear money blocks

* Manifest your desires more easily

* Fulfilling relationships

* Confidence

* Increased ability to give and receive love

* Communicate better

* Feel more in touch with your intuition

* Greater connection to source/spirit

* A sense of calm and peace

* Improved Health and Vitality

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The only certainty in life is – change! How you respond to the challenges and changes in your life will ultimately determine your success and happiness.

Change, while often unsettling, has the potential to create wonderful opportunities in all aspects of your life. Learning how to work with, and utilise change to adapt and grow in your career, relationships and personal life is vital to your well-being.


Illness & Trauma

Traumatic illnesses or accidents can have overwhelming effects on you and your loved ones. Crossroads Life Coaching provides much needed support and practical tools to help you cope when you need it most.

Stress Less

Unmanageable stress negatively impacts your health, mental well-being and your relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Crossroads Life Coaching has the ideal programme to help you stress less.


A change in lifestyle caused by retirement or retrenchment, can lead to feelings of self-doubt or concern for the future. Crossroads Life Coaching assists you with a programme designed to help you make the most out of your golden years.

Life Purpose

Discover what truly motivates you to live life to the full. Crossroads Life Coaching helps you find your purpose to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Financial Change

When life throws a curve ball at your budget, Crossroads Life Coaching helps you manage periods of financial change.

Your Career

Work related stress, job demands or a change in career all influence your well-being. Learn to manage career change with sessions from Crossroads Life Coaching.


Friends, family and work colleagues all play major roles in your life. Create fulfilling and meaningful relationships, and cope with difficult changes such as divorce, with support from Crossroads Life Coaching.

Your Health

In times of crisis, your health is often the first thing to suffer. Create healthy habits with Crossroads Life Coaching, or manage illness and trauma to live the best life possible.

Grief & Loss

The loss of a beloved friend, family member or pet can feel overwhelming. Crossroads Life Coaching provides a supportive environment in which to deal with grief and loss.


* Learn to recognize and understand the connection between change and personal growth

* Discover your natural reaction to change and where you need to make adjustments in your behaviour patterns

* Recognize the stages of life where change is likely to happen to you and prepare for them

* Learn how to “let-go” so you can deal with change more effectively

* Banish self-doubt, fear, guilt, anger, anxiety and hopelessness

* Eliminate negative thinking and beliefs

* Learn effective Goal Setting – and Achievement

* Have a more positive outlook and stop dreading what’s around the corner in your life

* Create a Self-Image wired for success and happiness


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