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201 Sterkbos Avenue, Sharonlea, Randburg 2158, Gauteng, South Africa


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Amazing K is a pre-school/school situated in Sharonlea, Randburg that offers specialised education to children with Development Delays and/or a diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that are between the ages of 24 months and 10 years.

As a specialist, Independent Pre-school and Foundations Phase Primary School – Amazing K has a clear vision and purpose.

The school is renowned for fostering learner excellence through high quality, values enriched teaching and learning. At Amazing K we work with our families to ensure every child has a positive, happy and rewarding school experience. Parents, teachers and therapists are partners in the learning process and we encourage all our learners to achieve their very best.

We specialize in helping children with Pervasive Development Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder, ADD/ADHD, General/Global Development Delays and Aspergers -from the age 2 years and in 2017 we can accommodate learners up to Grade 1 level.

Our philosophy is one of learning through both a structured curriculum as well as play. We pride ourselves on being a Pre- and Primary School that sees each pupil as an individual and not a diagnosis.

* Our eclectic teaching methods and Curriculum are set up to help children with the following difficulties/delays:

- Children with a diagnosed Pervasive Development Disorder not otherwise specified
- Children with a diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Children with a diagnosed Social (pragmatic) Communication disorder
- Children with speech and language difficulties or no language at all
- Children that battle to fit into a classroom – , schooling – or social environment
- Children with Attention Deficit or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
- Children with Sensory Integration difficulties or Sensory Processing Disorder
- Children that seem to not cope in a traditional classroom situation
- Children that battle to write and that may have other motor planning problems
- Children that seem to listen when they are spoken to and/or children with a diagnosed Language Processing Disorder
- Children with developmental delays (which includes but are not limited to speech, language, functional learning, toilet training, social skills, academics, feeding, dressing etc)
- Children that battle to understand verbal communication as well as non-verbal cues, like body language and/or facial expression

At Amazing K we use a multimodal teaching approach. This approach draws visual and audio modes but also includes technology as the majority of people living with a Pervasive Development Disorder and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder are known to prefer visual stimulus or a combination of visual and text stimuli.

We focus on the combination of text, audio and visual modes to produce meaning, encourage interaction and learning in our classrooms.

In short: “the Multimodal teaching style help the child learn material through a number of different sensory modalities”.


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201 Sterkbos Avenue, Sharonlea, Randburg 2158, Gauteng, South Africa

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