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46 Meerut Road, Westville 3630, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


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Al Noor Pre-Primary School located in Westville, Kwa Zulu Natal was established in 1990, registered by the Department of Education and Culture as a private pre primary school.

The school is currently servicing this community and surrounding communities for the past 28 years. The school is located on the lower floor of the mosque in Meerut road, Westville and enjoys the privilege of a safe and secure location. This school ethos is Islamic and offers a well researched school curriculum.

The school currently has 5 classes. one grade R class, with a teacher, an assistant teacher in the class. The grade R class is a small class and has no more than 18 learners per class. Small numbers per grade ensures that each learner receives a maximum teacher time contact.

We currently have two grade OO classes with a full time teacher, and a caregiver as well.. There is one grade OOO class, with a full time teacher and a caregiver as well. They have a full week, Monday to Friday.

We also have a playgroup class, with a full time teacher and a caregiver as well. They come to school three times a week, from Tuesday to Thursday. They are aged between 2 and a half and 3 and a half years. They also come to us wearing diapers; and we provide the diaper change service.

Grade R - 5/6 year olds - Red Group
Grade OO - 4/5 year olds - Yellow and Blue Group
Grade OOO - 3/4 year olds - Orange Group
Playgroup - 2/3 year olds - Green Group

An interactive and well rounded learning programme is offered at Al Noor. We offer a well researched learning programme which includes many structured teacher directed tasks and well as free play lessons. These are age appropriate lessons designed for the full and overall development of the child, in all areas of learning.

Learners are exposed to various forms of learning materials and art tools. The duration of lessons will coincide with their ages and are designed to maximize their potential, at the same time allowing them the opportunity to progress at an acceptable pace.

Equipment is all sourced from educational specialists and different forms of play are encouraged throughout their day, from fantasy/role play, block construction, art and outdoor free play on a jungle gym and trampoline.

These are all supervised play time activities. The following are some of the components that are included our daily schedule. These are all one lesson per week, except for the reading program.

- Speech & Drama all grades
- Arabic all grades except playgroup
- Computers all grades
- Wacko ball all grade
- Reading programme (Grade R only) grade R only
- Pre-writing programme (Grade R only)
- Monkeynastix optional extra

Madressah is done daily with each class as part of their daily schedule. The daily schedule is different for each class.


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46 Meerut Road, Westville 3630, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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