Airlie Country Pre-School

2 Willow Road, Airlie, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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Airlie Country Pre-Primary School in Airlie, Cape Town provides an environment that is healthy, safe and secure. We have beautiful classrooms that are equipped with the resources that incorporate all the various learning areas.

School Principal

Airlie has been managed by Mandy Welbourne since December 2010 and has a BA degree in applied psychology in professional context. Mandy established a long term relationship with the school and its staff as both her children attended Airlie prior to her acquisition and management of the school. School tours are available every Wednesday 10:30 - 11:30 by appointment only.


It is here at Airlie that the foundations are laid to ensure a successful transition into formal schooling. This is achieved by opening up the wonderful world of learning to your child. It is during this phase of your child's life where they will acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that allow them to become confident and independent thinkers.

History and Ethos

Airlie Country Preschool was established in 1977. The school is able to provide your child with a nurturing learner/educator relationship, where they can experience individual attention and become active participants in the spirit and ethos of the school. The classes are small which enables a close personal relationship with daily communication between teachers and parents.

There are two full time educators per class, a teacher and an assistant. The classrooms are stocked with everything that the children need to facilitate their learning experience and develop imaginative play.

Our classes are:

Ladybirds (2 - 3 yrs)
Butterflies (2 - 3 yrs)
Fireflies (3 - 4 yrs)
Busy Bees (4 -5 yrs)

Daily Program & Curriculum

The daily routine differs slightly with regards to the different ages/classes. Children may arrive between 07:30 - 09:00, during this time they have inside and outside free time. Morning ring begins at 09:00, (the school day begins!). There is a different theme for each week, and this is incorporated into the morning ring as well as letter land, numeracy etc.

After the toilet routine, aprons are donned for the art ring. During this phase of the day the children develop skill sets for various areas for learning, a time slot filled with colour, glue, cutting, box construction, paper mache and many other exciting activities. This time slot is followed by activity ring (music, movement for physical development, as well as drama and percussions rings).

After all this activity the children enjoy their snack time and then move happily out of the class into the beautiful garden and bike track where they may choose to play in the sandpit, swing from the jungle gym or race around the track. Some prefer to visit the mountain tortoises and animal pen. This is a favourite part of their day.

When they come back in after washing hands they have some quiet inside playtime and settle down for a story. Lunches are then served, toilet routine and then nap time for the three younger classes.

All naptime paraphernalia is allowed and nappy training is progressed at your child’s own pace. All children are woken up gently, dressed and bags ready for collection at 14:30.


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2 Willow Road, Airlie, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa